waterfall overflows
taking all away
inspiring the day
opening the doorway
to a new pathway





I wanna be in that moment…

When we dance in celebration for
Our accomplishments
Our dreams coming into reality
Divine inspiration brought to earth

When we drink champagne
In commemoration of
Our victory
We are winners
Champions of our lives!


We go out to the world
Sharing our blessings
Showing the portal has been opened
The grid work has been done

Life`s awesomeness shines!

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As we turn the page of 2017,
We welcome 2018
That arrives filled with joy
Showering us with love
Bringing blessings to our lives

We bring our dreams into reality
We have strength to accomplish
All of our missions and purposes
We wear our worthiness crown and goggles
We shine our light at our maximum level
We are all that we are

We celebrate life
We step into the New Earth
Being grateful for all that is,
All that we are
And all the miracles we
Experience in our lives!

Happy New Year, Everyone!


3 Of Cups

3 of Cups

dancing under cosmic light
following nature’s rhythm
playing ocean’s music
reaching for intense emotions
soaring high in spirit
spiraling in joy
beating the drum of victory…
…magick spell is on its way


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Minstrel of the Tide

By Pearson Scott Foresman [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Wave to the shore
brings love and things
Back to the sea,
takes away
worries and pain
Full moon beam
shows the unseen
Dark moon nights
display the inside
On the next day,
sun shines his ray

Reciting the tides
Playing the lute
The song of life
Never goes mute


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I finally understand…

PhotoFunia LED Road Sign Regular 2017-10-05 09 48 48

How to dance the phases of the moon
and change with the seasons

What it is to rise from the ashes
and survive rocky storms

How it is to relax in the dark
and trust the unknown

How to see the colors of art
and beauty everywhere

How to seek for the truth
and listen to the music from the soul

How it feels happiness in the heart
And love all around…

Thank God, I finally understand…


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